Have you made a mistake and now you find yourself locked out of your own home?

Keep calm and don’t worry — it will be a quick learning experience and you’ll be cozy in your abode once more.

Keep reading to find out what to do when you are locked out of your house. 

Check Other Entrances

Before you start fussing and overthinking, check to make sure there’s no other way to get inside of your home.

Perhaps there’s a different unlocked door or window.

If there isn’t one, don’t create one by breaking something. It will cost more to replace a broken window or door than it would be to hire a locksmith.

Let Someone Know

Once you’ve made sure you’re completely locked out, let someone know. You can call a friend, a loved one, or someone you work with.

The idea is to make sure someone knows your situation in case something happens. It’s unlikely that it will, but it’s always good to be cautious.

Your neighbor might be the perfect person, even if you haven’t met them yet. 57% of Americans only know some of their neighbors, so this may be a good opportunity for you to finally meet them.

Then, in the future when you become friends, you may feel comfortable leaving a spare key with them, reducing the chances of this happening again.

Call a Reputable Locksmith

Locksmiths have the necessary tools and experience to solve your lock-out problem quickly and efficiently.

Give them a call and let them know your situation. They should give you an estimate as to how much it will cost and how quickly they can get there to help you out.

It’s important that you work with a reliable company so that you can expect the cost and professionalism of the service you’re getting. You’re in a sensitive situation, so you want to know that the locksmith won’t take advantage of that.

When they get there, unlocking your door will only take a matter of minutes (including grabbing and preparing tools). It’s a fast service. 

You may wonder why it costs so much if it’s such a simple thing. The answer is that there are hidden costs, such as buying tools, vehicles, storefront, employee training, and so on. That’s really what you’re paying for. 

After Knowing What to Do When You Are Locked Out of Your House: Prepare for Next Time

To save yourself stress and time, prepare for future mistakes now.

Make a spare key and leave it at your neighbors (if you trust them).

Otherwise, you may want to hide a key in a really safe place. Only 18% of people do this, but it may help you next time you’re locked out.

In case these things fail, write down the locksmith’s number that you used. You know they were reliable and professional, so save yourself time by writing their number down on your phone or on a paper in your car.

This may be helpful for your other lock needs, too.

We’ve Got You Covered

Now that you know what to do when you are locked out of your house, you can take care of your problem (or prepare for next time).

Let us be the ones to help you. Contact us for any lock needs, including accidental lock-outs.