Oh no! You’ve been locked out! If you’ve never had to call a locksmith before, here’s what you can expect from the entire process.

You need a locksmith and you need one now. There are a lot of things that you should come to expect when you call a locksmith.

This is important to know because there are companies out there that are happy to take your money without performing quality work. The more you know about how reputable locksmiths work, the safer you’ll be.

Find out what you should expect when you call a locksmith.

Call the Right Locksmith

There too many locksmith scams out there. There are stories of locksmiths that you find online that are actually call centers (think of a boiler room type of place).

These places will then send your information to a subcontractor that’s often not certified or licensed to do the work. They’ll then want to get paid cash for the privilege of “serving” you, at a rate that’s much higher than you were originally told.

What to Expect When You Call a Locksmith

What to expect on from a locksmith visit depends on the reason why you’re calling. In a lot of cases, you might be locked out of your car or house. That’s a big reason to call a locksmith.

There are other non-emergency reasons to call a locksmith. You might need to change the lock on the front door because it’s worn down and it’s hard to open.  

If you have a safe, you might need to get it serviced or it’s time to change the combination.

In every single case, you want to work with someone that’s locally owned and operated, licensed in California, bonded, and it’s even better if they have retail locations that you can visit in person.

They’ll ask you a few questions about your situation, give you an estimate of the costs, and tell you how long it will take for someone to get to your site.

When you get an estimate, there may be additional fees that you should ask about. Off-hours services for lockouts or weekend site visits may cost more. Fuel charges and other fees may be added on. You want to get transparent pricing.

One thing that shouldn’t happen on the job is drilling your lock. Reputable locksmiths have the right equipment with them.

You should expect friendly and professional service. Any sort of intimidation or attempt to get more money than estimated should not happen from a reputable company.

When you’re on the phone with a locksmith, you want to get a few questions out of the way. There are companies that know that you’re in a vulnerable spot. Unfortunately, they’ll gouge you because they know you don’t think you have many options.

Call a Professional Locksmith Company

There are times in life where you need to call a locksmith. These aren’t always the best moments. You could be stranded and locked out of your car or locked out of our home.

That doesn’t mean that locksmith companies have the right to take advantage of your situation. You have the right to expect professional, friendly, and reliable service. You should also expect transparent pricing.

That’s exactly what Tracy Lock and Safe provides. Contact us today for your locksmith needs.