Lazy Luggage Locks: What All Travelers Should Know

The truth is you may never think about the safety of your luggage until it’s time to depart but the reality of luggage locks is that they’re terribly unsafe.

On average, 8 million people are flying per day. This means there are over 8 million pieces of luggage going through security every single day. Imagine how many luggage locks are cut off per year!

These days, everyone is all about privacy. We’ve got locks on our phones, deadbolts on our doors, and pieces of tape covering the cameras on our computers. When it comes to our personal property, it’s better safe than sorry.

So why should your luggage be any different? Your first thought might be to use a classic luggage lock, but what do you need to know before you seal your beloved belongings away for your flight? Read on to find out. 

Right to Remove

Privacy rights don’t exist when it comes to flying. If your bag is chosen, at random, for extra screening, TSA agents can easily cut it off, no questions asked.

After your lock has been cut off and searched, TSA will leave a notice of inspection inside your bag. Simply stated, it says that you need to brush up on how to securely pack your bag, that locks aren’t a solid form of protection. 

TSA Approved Locks 

Believe it or not, there are locks you can buy that are approved by airports. These are great to use on your luggage because it will save TSA agents time and it will save you a lock.

TSA agents have master keys that allow them to easily open any luggage that utilizes these types of locks. While it’s understandable that you want to protect your belongings it will make both you and TSA agents’ lives more difficult if you use a lock that can’t be removed unless cut.

No Lock? No Problem!

If you don’t want to risk losing a lock and don’t want to buy a TSA approved lock, you can also use zip ties. Since these are easy to use, easy to cut off, and inexpensive, this is a great alternative that still offers a sense of security.

As long as you have a couple of extra to utilize on your trip home, zip ties are the perfect way to secure your belongings. Just make sure you have a way to remove the zip tie once you get to your destination!

Are Luggage Locks Necessary?

To be honest, the effort you go through to lock and secure your bag is probably all in vain. If someone, namely TSA security, wants to get inside they will. Besides, the stress of losing the keys that open your lock is stressful enough.

If your bag safely zips, the likelihood of it being safe is pretty high. Ultimately, a lock on your luggage is mainly for peace of mind. If you’re still paranoid, it would be in your best interest to pack anything valuable in your carry on back.

To Lock or Not to Lock

As a traveler, you should do whatever makes you feel safest. If a lock on your luggage will ease your mind while traveling, lock it up! But be mindful that you might not have a lock on the other side of security.

Regardless of your method of security, be knowledgeable about the rules of travel. And if you’re afraid of losing your keys while on the move, read more about how to keep up with the smallest security items that ultimately make the biggest difference.