Being locked out of your car can ruin your whole day. If you’re prone to locking your keys in your car, read on to learn how to prevent it.

There’s nothing worse than the stomach-churning feeling you get when you’ve realized you’ve accidentally got locked out of your car.

Trust us; you’re not the only one to of made this mistake, hundreds of motorists find themselves in this predicament each year. 

In light of this, we’ve listed four tips to help you avoid this happening. 

Let’s dive in!

1. Have a Routine

Humans are creatures of habit.

So, it makes sense to commit to using one way of gathering all your things, leaving the vehicle and then locking your car. When you have a routine in place, you’re far less likely to accidentally lock yourself out. 

Top Tip: When you park your car, get into the habit of immediately taking your keys out of the ignition and placing them in your bag or pocket. 

We also suggest attaching your keys to a brightly colored keychain to help you remember to pick up your keys!

2. Consider Wearing a Lanyard

Yes, this sounds a tad dorky, but it really helps!

It stands to reason drivers are more likely to lock themselves outside of their cars when they don’t have a spare hand! 

Whereas, when you wear a lanyard, you can take the keys out of the ignition and pop them around your neck. 

This helps to ensure that when you get out of the car, your keys always come with you. This drastically limits the chances of accidentally forgetting your keys!

Needless to say, this tip links to what we just said about getting a routine in place, you can easily make a lanyard part of your getting-out-of-the-car ritual. Come by our shop where we sell lanyards with different colors, patterns, and even local sports teams’ logos!

3. Make the Most of Tech

It’s hardly surprising that in this digital age, there are tons of apps and devices you can use to unlock your vehicle automatically. If it’s possible for you to use these kinds of aids, we highly recommend you do so!

We are able to make copies of almost every year, make, and model of vehicle, even if it has a chip in it! We can even make a “lockout key” that will only work your doors (not your ignition) that is more cost-effective.

4. Keep a Copy of Your Keys 

If even though you’ve adopted all the above advice, you’re still accidentally locking yourself out of your car, we suggest making a copy of your car keys and keeping an emergency spare in your bag. 

That way, if worst comes to the worst- you have a contingency plan. 

If your car key doesn’t boast a fob or a radio frequency identification chip, you can probably get them cut at a nearby hardware store. However, if your key is more sophisticated, you’ll probably need to use the services of a car dealership.

Want to Stop Getting Locked Out of Your Car?

We hope the above tips will help you stop getting locked out of your car. 

However, if in the unfortunate event you find yourself on the outside of your car with no way of getting back in, we’re more than happy to come and help. Give Tracy Lock and Safe a call, and we’ll come to the rescue! 

We suggest having our number programmed into your phonebook so if you ever need a helping hand; we’re just a phone call away!