Are you worried that your car’s ignition switch is failing?

Although an ignition switch is supposed to last for the fun life of a vehicle, that’s sometimes not the case. Your ignition switch is a crucial part of how your vehicle operates and if it isn’t functioning properly, this can cause injury or even death

This makes it important for you to know the signs that your ignition switch is going bad and nearing the end of its useful life. 

Read on to learn three telltale signs your ignition switch is failing!

1. Car Stalls While Operating

One of the earliest signs that you’ve got an ignition switch issue is that your car begins to stall while you are operating it. 

Be sure that your car stall is not being caused by mistiming a gear shift on your manual transmission. When you have put that concern to rest but are still experiencing problems, you should consider your ignition switch.

When this fails during the operation of your vehicle, it can cause the power to be shut off to your fuel system. In turn, this means that your engine could stall as well. 

Depending on the severity of your ignition switch problem, you may not be able to re-start your vehicle for an extended period.

2. Accessories Won’t Work Properly 

Have you experienced a temporary loss of light or noticed that some of your accessories have stopped working properly?

If the answer is ‘yes’, you may have a faulty ignition switch. When your switch is failing, you may temporarily or permanently lose power to certain accessories in your vehicle.

For example, you may notice that your dashboard light flickers or accessories such as your air conditioning or radio stops working.

Don’t wait until your accessories stop working before you have your vehicle’s ignition switch inspected by a professional

3. Your Engine Dies After Starting

One of the symptoms of a bad ignition switch is that your engine dies after you start it up.

You may be wondering why this is happening at all. When your ignition switch is failing, it can cause a loss of voltage to your engine. 

The resulting lower voltage, even if only briefly, can make your engine to stall or misfire.

In the most extreme circumstances, your vehicle’s engine may stop working altogether. This can cause you added inconvenience or force you to incur extra costs that you could avoid by getting a new switch for your ignition.

Wrapping Up: Fix Your Ignition Switch Today

Your ignition switch can be an often overlooked cause of your vehicle’s electrical issues. However, by paying attention to your car or truck’s symptoms, this can give you a better idea behind what is creating the problem. 

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We are also experienced with performing car ignition repairs and the diagnosis of what’s causing your vehicle’s issues. 

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